Nerd Photographer

Nerd Photographer

Nerd Photographer do you need one? Are you constantly referencing Tolkien or Harry Potter? Do you Have Strong opinions about “Empire” and “The Return of the Jedi?” Is Baby Yoda even important to you? Do you randomly utter nonsense noises like merf, doink, and sometimes on occasion dink? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may need a Nerd-O-grapher a nerd photographer. merf

Steven of Owen Stevens Photography is a certified nerd from timeless Spider-man facts to Batman’s complicated relationship with Robin. Also, he is an amazing artist and visual story teller. Steven tells stories with light and shadow crisp lines and beautiful contrasts. You can see this in his amazing paintings and photography. By Merlin’s beard you will not find a bigger nerd photographer and live event painter in all the realms. Thor’s hammer requires true heroics and Steven of Owen Stevens Photography is ready to handle Mjlonir. dink

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3 Reasons for a nerd photographer:

This is much more than crying when your favorite Marvel character died, Im talkings the tears from seeing the toys in “Toy Story 3” on the conveyor belt on their way to certain doom.

  1. Steven of Owen Stevens Photography will be that giant claw to come down and save Buzz, Woodie, and all their friends from certain doom. It’s important to have nerdness document and create art for your special day. If you are like me a super nerd, then you know we see things differently and only another nerd can notice that. And the one thing I’ve noticed as an event wedding photographer is people think photography is important.

The Captain, oh Captain my Captain, Captain America created by a nice Jewish fellar. As a nice Jewish fellar, Steven of Owen Stevens Photography is very gifted in charcoal illustrations.

2. Nerds are good at art it’s what we do all day not interacting with people because their weird hobby’s like sports. Sports are terrible. If you are into sports that’s okay I am too, don’t let that soccer ball go cross the center line cause that’s icing. Steven is going to draw a 9x12in Charcoal painting from the wedding and if you book before valentine’s day it’s complimentary. doink

How often are you not comfortable next to people who don’t have comic books in poly fibered multicated protected safety glass (I made all those words up), you know the protective shell for untouchable comics like the time The Hulk and The Wolverine almost made out.

3. The Muggles are everywhere you deserve a photographer from Gryfandor. It’s hard hanging out with people and pretending your into normal stuff like GOT. I mean GOT is fine and all, but it can’t satisfy your heart like Grogu who will forever be known as Baby Yoda. Life is stressful enough being around a nerd photographer who understands your nerdiness can be just what you need.

I hope this little expose’ on my nerdniness nerdtagraphy will be taken to heart. Just remember my fellow wizards and witches muggles just don’t understand magic, it scares them. Hire a true wizard from the wizarding world of nerdness. Oh and I’m super into anime it’s not important I just wanted you to know. dink and merf

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