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Elegance in your story now told with paint and charcoal.


5 years working in wedding industry 20 years in painting

Steven Rosenbaum is a Houston painter who lives to tell stories with images. It has always been his dream from the first comic book he picked up off the rack at the supermarket to tell everlasting moments through imagery.


Your story can be uniquely told through art. A painting will become a generational legacy. Rosenbaumdraws has the unique skill and passion to tell your story in paint and charcoal.

Rosenbaumdraws - Elegance in your Story

Custom Frame and Mat

custom mat and frame included with all paintings and a notarized document of ownership.

3 different sizes 3 different styles

starts in 3 different sizes 9x12in $500, 12x18in $700, 18x24in $1,800. Pick from 3 different styles of art Watercolor impressionism, Acrylic impressionism, Charcoal Painting.

Live event painting

Live Event painting set up one hour before reception and paints for up to four hours during reception. Painting is finished from reference photographs at studio. Shipping cost are not included.

Painting from reference photographs

Artist has over 10 years of professional photography experience.

Amazing Styles


Amazing Art


Amazing Stories


Amazing Heart

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