Live Event Painting

Live Event Painting

Live Event Painting has taken off in recent years with trends emulating what came from New York City, but this is Houston and you deserve a Texan’s painting. Steven of Owen Stevens Photography takes the knowledge of live event painting and evolves the art form into finished and completed masterpieces. Steven is unique in how he paints live event photography. Instead of just painting the reception hall Steven chooses to paint the one most epic moment from your ceremony.

As you gaze into your loves eyes at the most crucial moment of your wedding, Steven is there as a professional wedding photographer to capture that moment. Your guest will love seeing that moment take form as Steven paints it from the professional photo he procured. The painting takes form at the reception entertaining all around to witness. The technique, the skill of Steven as a painter is highly entertaining an enjoyable to watch, and you can enjoy your wedding knowing the painting will have all the finishing touches done in studio at no extra expense.

Steven is a professional wedding photographer capable of capturing your most beautiful moment with the same high end gear you see in with your wedding photographer. From these high end photos, Steven creates a beautiful work of art that will become your families most precious heirloom. 

Here is how Owen Stevens Photography Live Event Painting works. Steven the Painter arrives before ceremony to set up painting supplies at the reception. Then Steven the painter and photographer of Owen Stevens photography uses his high end wedding photography camera to capture you and your loved ones true moment during the ceremony. While the wedding photographer is photographing groups etc., Steven will be hard at work at the reception hall painting that beautiful true moment. The live event painter will then paint for up to four hours during the reception and finish at the studio at no extra expense. Once the painting is finished, with all the touches of a finished painting, Steven will add a custom mat and frame. All paintings come with a notarized document of ownership. Your guests will love watching the painting develop and you will love the finished heirloom product fit for any high end gallery. 

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Pick from 3 art styles

  • Impressionist Style a watercolor style beautiful and timeless
  • Photorealism Charcoal Painting a realistic photo quality charcoal painting
  • Impressionist Style Acrylic painting elegant and timeless
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Impressionist style watercolor wedding painting

Choose from a variety of different sizes live event painting prices and costs

  • 9×12 in $600 watercolor or charcoal
  • 12×18 in $700 watercolor
  • 19×24 in or equivalent $1800 watercolor or acrylic
  • 20×24 in or equivalent. $2,200 watercolor or acrylic
  • 24×36 in or equivalent. $2,500 watercolor or acrylic
  • 30×40 in or equivalent. $3,200 watercolor or acrylic
  • 36×48 in or equivalent. $4,000 watercolor or acrylic
  • larger sizes available upon request
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