Live Event Painter Houston

Live Event Painter Houston

Live event painter. Houston now has live event painters. Steven of Owen Stevens Photography has been painting for over 20 years, and is now offering a completely new take on Live Event Painting. Live event painters in Houston have been for years replicating what has become famous in NYC wedding scene. Steven is offering a new twist on live event painting something completely Houston. Instead of painting “Plein Air” what the artist sees before and during the reception  at the reception hall. 

Steven paints the ceremony that one true moment every one wants captured. Steven of Owen Stevens Photography is a wedding photographer and event painter.  His skill as a professional wedding photographer captures that moment and his skill as a painter immortalizes it. This is a completely Houston take that requires the talent of a professional photographer and the talent of a live event painter. 

3 reasons why Owen Stevens Live Event Painting a live event painter near me works better for Texans.

  1. you deserve a finished painting. One that is accurate and not just what the artist could paint in a limited window.
  2. The ceremony the kiss at the end the fulfillment of your wedding that’s the moment Texans want to remember. That’s what the wedding party wants to see  live event painted at the reception.
  3. Custom mat and frame with notarized document of authenticity and ownership. This is important to Texans who value creating history. You’re creating history and yours and your families history.

Steven of Owen Stevens Photography live event painting is like no other live event wedding painter. Houston finally has the live event painter that is as unique as Texas itself. 

“Once I took away the four hour time limit live event painters have placed on themselves, a whole universe of beauty opened up for me. Something I’m more than happy to pass on to my clients as an added value no one else has.”

Custom Wedding Painting and Event Painting

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Pick from 3 art styles

  • Impressionist Style a watercolor style beautiful and timeless
  • Photorealism Charcoal Painting a realistic photo quality charcoal painting
  • Impressionist Style Acrylic painting elegant and timeless
Live Event Watercolor Painting
Live event watercolor painting on cloth paper.

Choose from a variety of different sizes live event painting cost

  • 9×12 in $600 watercolor or charcoal
  • 12×18 in $700 watercolor
  • 19×24 in or equivalent $1800 watercolor or acrylic
  • 20×24 in or equivalent. $2,200 watercolor or acrylic
  • 24×36 in or equivalent. $2,500 watercolor or acrylic
  • 30×40 in or equivalent. $3,200 watercolor or acrylic
  • 36×48 in or equivalent. $4,000 watercolor or acrylic
  • larger sizes available upon request

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Impressionist style watercolor wedding painting

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