Event painting Houston

Event painting, Houston

Event painting, Houston is unique in the skill of her artists. While looking for live Event painting in Houston, Steven Rosenbaum of Owen Stevens Photography takes high end photography to its limits and beyond them in his event painting. 

Not only does he paint live at the event he uses his own high end photography to paint your most meaningful moment from the ceremony. Just imagine a picture of you at the altar painted in front of your guest. Most wedding event painters paint the reception hall and the couple. Steven believes what you want to see what your guest want to see is your one true moment skillfully captured by a trained professional photographer translated into paint. As your guest walk by they will be amazed at the depiction of you and significant other as the picture begins to come to life. They were just there, but not at the angle of a master photographer. That view turned into paint that is what Steven of Owen Stevens Photography paints. The impression, the moment, the legacy that will last a life time with a single painting with a simple stroke of a brush.

You pay a high price for a wedding photographer to touch up and edit your color photography in wedding photos. Why is that not something your event painter can do as well? Steven of Owen Stevens Photography takes the necessary time after the wedding to finish the painting in his studio at no extra expense. The end result is a full finished painting in line with the highest quality artist in the most refined galleries.  Mat board and frame included with every painting, and a notarized document of authenticity and ownership. Find out about the many different options you have.

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Pick from 3 art styles

  • Impressionist Style a watercolor style beautiful and timeless
  • Photorealism Charcoal Painting a realistic photo quality charcoal painting
  • Impressionist Style Acrylic painting elegant and timeless

Choose from a variety of different sizes live event painting prices and costs

  • 9×12 in $600 watercolor or charcoal
  • 12×18 in $700 watercolor
  • 19×24 in or equivalent $1800 watercolor or acrylic
  • 20×24 in or equivalent. $2,200 watercolor or acrylic
  • 24×36 in or equivalent. $2,500 watercolor or acrylic
  • 30×40 in or equivalent. $3,200 watercolor or acrylic
  • 36×48 in or equivalent. $4,000 watercolor or acrylic
  • larger sizes available upon request

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