Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography

Engagement photography save the date images yes! Engagement photography an amazing time with your Partner, yes! Engagement photography build a report with your photographer, yes! Everlasting memories? I think you know where I’m going with this. (yes!)

There are 3 reasons among many highlighted why and engagement photography session is super important.

1. Kissing on camera an engagement photoshoot will help alleviate the pressure and make you much more comfortable in front of a camera. During the engagement session the photographer will have an idea of how you move together and be able to capture much more natural moments. And yes how you kiss and where the best placement of the camera.

2. Getting to know your photographer. It is much more than pictures it’s a conversation and hang time with your partner. This is an opportunity for the photographer to see how you talk to each other and interact with environments. Plus photographers have personality always a good time with Steven of Owen Stevens Photography. 

3. Memories, the memories of the engagement shoot will mean much more as time goes on after the wedding. Yes, it will make your wedding day that much easier because of the trust you have built earlier. But the memories of the engagement shoot will bring you back years later of how you felt back then right before you were married. These photos will take you back in time to a powerful yet beautiful a story of who you were and what you like back then together.

Owen Stevens Photography offers unique boutique experiences playing with light and color. Steven the artist of Owen Stevens Photography is a high caliber artist capable of photorealistic reproduction in both paint and charcoal. Steven has worked as a professional photographer for over ten years, and in the wedding industry for four years. Steven believes in creating culture for the individual of the individual to be passed down to future generations. His painting includes an ongoing series called Typographs. Typographs, both illustrations and paintings can be described as the art of fusing words and poetry, of his own creation, into overlapping shapes and lines of visual fantasia.