3 reasons to Gift a bridal illustration

Wedding illustrations are getting more and more popular. A custom bridal illustration is a truly beautiful gift, and it will have years of value and love that is as unique as you. 

Unique Bridal Illustrations

Paintings and illustrations will add mystique and beauty to their story. The perfect illustration can not only bring back memories of the event. The memory it creates is as unique as Your friendship.

Finding the right artist is important luckily Owen Stevens Photography has hooked up with Rosenbaumdraws a native Houston photographer who has experience photographing weddings and in wedding paintings and event paintings. Rosenbaumdraws amazing imagination and experience in painting bridal illustrations will impress everyone who sees it, and is the perfect gift!

Rosenbaumdraws line art, charcoal bridal, or impressionist watercolor paintings are stunning and bold. They hold their value for generations to come. These amazing stories become heirlooms of color memory for generations in the future. All bridal illustrations come with notarized document of ownership and optional custom framing

Need more reasons for an amazing gift of a bridal illustration here are 3 more.

  1. Most unique gift ever. If your worried about having the same gift as everyone else or your the kind of person who strives for unique and personal touch gifts. When everyone else is giving her something blue, you are adding to her forever story.
  2. The way she looks in that dress is something she will bring up for years to come. Now she will have epic proof of how amazing she looked years or decades later (trust you might get tired of hearing about it)
  3. Your amazing gift truly says a lot about you as a person a custom illustration says you care in a truly story tale fashion. You are bigger than life and your gift of a bridal illustration reflects that!

Rosenbaumdraws is the perfect choice for your bridal artist! He has photorealistic illustration skills and beautiful impressionist watercolor painting styles to choose from.  Rosenbaumdraws has painted Wedding portraits for his photography clients for years, but now everyone will have the opportunity to have his amazing paintings. “I have worked in wedding industry from every possible angle as a caterer, photo booth operator, wedding photographer, and bartender but my passion has always been painting beautiful love stories!”- Rosenbaumdraws 

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